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Are Spaniels a good dog to own?

Personality of the King Charles Spaniel...

Among the endearing qualities of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is that they are eager, affectionate, outgoing, supportive, fearless, willing to please, intelligent, and very good with other animals.

Family/Child Friendly

This breed of dog does effectively with kids offered the kids are well behaved.

how long  to King Charles Spaniel's live?

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of the Cavalier Charles Spaniel is about 9 to 14 years. Nonetheless, using the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been recognized to reside up to 20 years and also longer. The average weight for this breed of dog is about ten to 18 lbs.

Typical Illnesses

The most prevalent illnesses and medical conditions related to this breed of dog incorporate but usually are not limited to syringomyelia, hereditary eye illness, dislocating kneecaps, back troubles, ear infections, deafness, hip dysplasia and weight acquire.

Is house breaking an issue with spaniels?

Housebreaking and Shedding

Housebreaking is usually done with patience on element of the owner. Shedding is common, brush each other day to maintain.

Very best Owner Compatibility

This breed of dog is often suited for apartment and condo environments. Not suitable for the frequent traveler. Most beneficial Owner has a yard to play in and lots of love and attention to give.

Exactly where to buy

The perfect areas to purchase this breed of dog are from trustworthy breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Average Expense

You are able to expect to pay upwards of around $700 or extra per dog. Routine veterinary care should really be included within your budget.

Aggression Aspect

This breed of dog tends to be wary of strangers. Not typically aggressive unless abused or neglected.

Noise Factor

This breed of dog makes for an excellent watchdog. 

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Other Quick Facts

  • Cavaliers have a silky, medium-length coat with feathering on the ears, legs, chest, feet and tail. They shed moderately.
  • The Cavalier coat comes in four colors: Blenheim (chestnut and white), tricolor (black and white with tan points over the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears and beneath the tail), ruby (solid red) and black and tan (black with tan points like those on the tricolor).
  • Cavaliers can get along with cats when they are raised with them, but some have a strong prey drive and will chase cats. Pet birds should also watch their tail-feathers around Cavaliers.

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