Dog Boarding At SLC Dog Sitter

All of our dog boarding clients, have full access to both indoor and outdoor relaxation. We have opened up our house to make your pet feel like one of our family. We do not kennel you dog, this is a cage free experience for your dog. 

No  Dog Boarding Cams Needed Here. 

If you are taking your dog to a place that needs to have cams. You are probably making a mistake in who you choose as a dog sitter. 

No cams are needed here because you pet has no stress, coming inside our home or enjoying our back yard. Play and relaxing in a stress free environment. 

Pictures and Texts Messages 

Amy enjoys taking pictures and sending texts to their owners to let them know they are being well taken care of here at SLC Dog Sitter. 

Typically there are only 3 to 5 dogs here at a time. Yet the pricing is less than you would pay at a large kenneling facility. These facility's are the reason why Amy started this business 9 years ago. 

We left 2 dog's, Elliott and Truman with one of the local kennels that was on the first page of google. Left for our trip to Hawaii, and when we came home to our surprise and dismay. Our dogs had been locked up for more than 23 hours a day. They only let them out for 1 hour a day for a quick potty break.

The problem was that they put both the dogs in the same kennel because of over crowding. Needless to say that they were both urinating and defecating in the kennel throughout the course of the day. Due to high anxiety and fear. They were treated like nothing more than a number. 

The absolute worst part of the stay in a typical kennel is that often they just sprayed out the urine and fecal matter, while our dogs were still in the kennel to save time. 

Our Horror Is Your Joy

Due to our horrible experiences with many different dog kennels and boarder that you are finding on the first few pages of google. Is going to be your joy and peace of mind, leaving your family member with someone that truly loves dogs. Ask Amy to tell you her story when you call 801-560-7018 to book your next appointment. 

Sleeping Arrangements 

One of the greatest things that separates SLC Dog Sitter from every other pet boarder, is that our clients each have their own fluffy bed. You are more than welcome to bring your own bedding, often times it just gives the guest the reassurance and peace of mind.

Smelling and feeling like they are surrounded by something familiar. However, if you don't that is fine as well. :) We provide the best bedding in the industry and every dog has a comfortable thrown to sleep on, that they call their own. 

Unlimited Exercise For Your Little Friend... 

It always amazes us that other dog boarding facilities gloat about how wonderfully clean they keep their kennels. The real problem is they often don't tell you, they leave the dog in the kennel while spraying it out with harsh chemicals. Remember our friends, we started SLC Dog Sitter because of the horrible experiences we had with all other dog boarders. 

You are going to love bringing your family pet to us, time and time again. 

Meals And Medications - Elderly Dog Care

Maybe you can relate to this, but one time when leaving our dogs we were told at the time of pick up. That we were charged a FEE for the kennel to give one of them medication. And another time we were charged at the time of pick up, an additional FEE of $60.00, for their workers having to give them belly rubs from day to day. 

You will have NO Hidden FEE's here at SLC Dog Boarding. No extra fee's for feeding your pet. No hidden Fee's for belly rubs. Just one flat fee. 

In fact many our our newest clients feel bad that we don't charge more money for all the love and attention that we give their dogs. They can't believe how inexpensive and what high quality care their pets get. Whether you are leaving your dog for a day sit. Or have a longer vacation planned. 

Unlike our competitors, we never charge you for giving your elderly guest their medications. Nor do we charge extra for giving any special dietary meals.  See what some of our clients have said on Facebook and Google reviews

You will never have to bring your own food. We provide all food for as long as they stay. Unless you have a special meal that you like your dog to have, then you can bring those meals. But their is no extra fee's. We have owners that give their dog's vegan meals, some that are on a whole chicken diet.  

More and more often we are finding that our guests parents are cooking up home made dog food meals. Needless to say, if you don't want to bring food for your dog, we will provide all meals FREE of extra charges. You're going to love Amy and SLC Dog Boarding. 

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