Cage Free Vs Kenneling ?

Cage Free Vs Kenneling Video

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0:00 hi this is Amy Hyatt this will be an

0:02eye-opening comparison of what happens

0:04in a kennel and how slc dog sitter has

0:07changed the industry by offering

0:09something simple but overlooked what I

0:11would like to talk about in my

0:12comparison should make you keenly aware

0:14of the dynamics of these two styles of

0:17business we feel that cageless dog

0:19 boarding is going to be the only way

0:21 you'll want to have your pet taken care

0:22 of after hearing our comments with

0:26 kenneling it's like a doggy prison at

0:28 standard dog boarding facilities your

0:30 dog can spend as much as 22 hours a day

0:33 locked in a cage allowed out two to

0:35 three times a day for bathroom breaks

0:37additional playtime can cost extra dogs

0:40are already stressed and anxious from

0:42being away from their family being

Cage Less vs Kenneling SLC Dog Sitter Relieves added Stress

0:43 locked in a cage adds to their distress

0:45 boredom is another side effect of

0:48 spending most of their time in a cage by

0:51 comparison with the cage less dog

0:53 boarding we offer it's an in-home

0:55 atmosphere with less stress and anxiety

0:57 for your dog your dog will be a part of

1:00 our family in the house with us we have

1:03 a large fenced yard and our doggie door

1:05 gives them freedom and alleviates

1:06 boredom stress and anxiety for your dog

1:09 what's included for what you pay with

1:12 candling you get up to 22 hours a day in

Cage Free Vs Kenneling 

1:14 a cage your dog will get a brief

1:16 bathroom break and maybe a few minutes

1:18 outside two to three times a day moscow

1:21 mills charge extra if your dog needs

1:22 daily medication most kennels charge

1:25 extra for specialized care for older

1:27 dogs or dogs of special needs I actually

1:30 found a kennel online the charges

1:31 fifteen dollars to give your dog a belly

We give free belly rubs unlike kenneling

cage free vs kenneling Yet another reason to have us watch your dog. :)

1:34 rub with slc dog sitters cageless dog

1:37boarding just about anything you can

1:39think of is include

1:40the nightly fee we charge for watching

1:42 your dog food bedding toys walks play

1:45 time constant supervision lots of TLC

1:48 and of course belly rubs there's no

1:51 extra charge if your dog needs

1:53 specialized care if they're older or how

1:55 special needs we believe that any extra

Cage Free Vs Kenneling 

1:58 care special requests or anything that

2:00your dog needs to make it comfortable

2:01and safe should be included in the basic

2:04 dog sitting fee your peace of mind and

2:07your dog's happiness should not cost

2:08extra employee client ratio with kennels

2:12many panels are understaffed I think

2:15this philosophy is fewer employees plus

2:18more dogs equals more money when a

2:20kennel is cage after cage filled with

2:22dogs most of the employees time is spent

2:25cleaning feeding and getting the dogs

2:26out of their cage long enough for a

2:28minimum bathroom break if you've ever

2:30boarded your dog in a kennel and smelled

2:32 them when you pick them up you know they

2:34 don't always get outside and time and

2:36 end up going to the bathroom in a small

2:38 cage where they eat and sleep if it

Cage Free Vs Kenneling 

2:40 kennel has more than five dogs for

2:42employee you know your dog won't be

2:44 getting the care and attention it

2:45 deserves with SOC dog sitters cageless

2:48dog boarding I only watch two to five

2:51dogs at a time i dog sit because I love

2:54 dogs by only watching a small number of

2:56 dogs I'm constantly aware of what

2:58 they're doing I have more time to spend

3:00 with each dog I'm never too busy to play

3:02 with them and give them lots of love and

3:04attention in comparison to a dog kennel

3:06prison hours of operation kennels work

3:11business hours and you have to schedule

3:12your drop off and pick up around their

3:14schedule some places allow for drop off

3:17or pick up outside of the regular

3:19business hours but there's an extra

3:21charge for it you can call the Chuck on

3:23your dog but often times how

3:25message and hope someone finds the time

3:26to call you back most kennels are too

3:29busy to send you pictures of your dog

3:30although I did find one online that

3:32 offers the service for a five dollar fee

Cage Free Vs Kenneling 

3:35per picture we've set ourselves apart

3:38from other camels using cageless dog

3:40 boarding since i dog sit out of my home

3:43 i'm here 24 hours a day so you can drop

3:46 off and pick up your dog when it's

3:47 convenient for you no extra charge for

3:50 early or late drop-offs and pickups in

3:52comparison to most Utah boarding kennels

3:55you can call anytime while you're gone

3:57to check on your dog and see how they're

3:59doing also if you like I will text or

4:02email you pictures of your dog so you

4:04can see how great they're doing

4:05experience add a kennel with multiple

4:08employees you never know who will

4:10actually be watching and caring for your

4:12dog are they a dog person do they love

4:15dogs do they have an extensive knowledge

Cage Free Vs Kenneling 

4:17about dogs or at least a basic knowledge

4:19or are they just there because it's a

4:22job and they need the money the person

4:24 you meet at check-in may seem fine but

4:26 you don't get a chance to meet all the

4:27 other employees and those that work

4:29different shifts in the kennel if you're

4:31 like me your dog is a part of the family

4:33 don't leave your dog with people you've

4:36 never met that may not necessarily know

4:38 anything about dogs the single most

4:41important reason you should use our

4:43 service is I'm a huge dog lover I got my

4:47 first dog when I was 6 years old and

4:49 I've always had dogs since I was raised

4:51on a farm so I've had many animals that

4:54 were either my own or that I helped care

4:55 for having worked for a vet I'm in tune

4:58 with many of the common and uncommon

5:00 issues that can arise with regards to

5:02 dog's health in comparison to most dog

5:04 cattle employees around the salt lake

5:06 valley I've had dogs that have needed

5:08 specialized care I had a dog with

5:11epilepsy a dog with cushing's disease

5:13 that resulted in two outs with

5:15 pancreatitis

5:16 and gallbladder removal two dogs that

5:19 had TPL knee surgery and of course

5:22 elderly dogs that need a special care

5:24 having this knowledge is beneficial

5:26 because you don't want to leave your dog

5:28 with someone that have zero experience

5:29 with regards to special needs of dogs my

5:32 dogs help and care have always been my

5:34 top priority and I feel the same sense

5:37 of responsibility to the dogs I sit for

5:39I believe dogs deserve the best love and

5:42 care we humans can give them..

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