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140 Outsourcing Worksheets

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140+ Ready-to-Use Training Sheets: You now have a collection of 140 fully-illustrated training sheets you can customize or give directly to your helpers. They include common business tasks like using different web development tools, blogging formats, shopping carts, cpanel, etc.


IMPORTANT NOTE: You have the right to fully edit and distribute the sheets within your
own company. You are not allowed to resell or giveaway these sheets for others to use.

File Formats:

All checklists are in Doc (.doc) format. Most of the training sheets are illustrated with
useful screenshots.

NOTE: You may not have the need to use some of these worksheets because they were developed over time for different outsourcers to use different systems, so don't feel like you NEED to be using any of these. Just select the ones you find helpful whenever beginning a project. Also, you might want to consider creating your own instruction worksheets when you do tasks so that you can add them to your own collection. Remember, you can also require your outsourcers to create instruction sheets for you whenever they do a task you are paying them for. :-)


Mailwasher Email Management

* Set up accounts
* Import accounts

Thunderbird Email Management

* Check & Reply to Email
* Set up accounts

Gmail Email Management

* Setting up a pop3 in Gmail
* Using the search function in Gmail

Outlook Email Management

* Set up a new email account in Outlook
* Setting up a signature in Outlook
* How to filter emails into folders in Outlook

Aweber Autoresponder

* Set up autoresponder series
* Set up mailing list
* Broadcast email
* Importing a list into Aweber

Quicksales (1Shopping Cart)

* Basic ad tracking
* Advanced ad tracking
* Set up autoresponder series
* Set up mailing list
* Set up product with/without digital download
* Creating an Order Discount
* Paying affiliates


* Set up mailing list
* Set up autoresponder series
* Broadcast email
* Set up a new product
* Set up Affiliate Tracking Links in WahmCart

DL Guard

* DLGuard membership site set up
* DLGuard single product set up


* Setting up a product in PayPal Shopping Cart
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks
* Send a Mass Payment with PayPal


* Broadcast email
* Adding graphics to your affiliate center
* Setting up an Amember product
* Set up follow-up email series in Amember
* Locating Affiliate Links & IDs in aMember

Streaming Audio & Podcasts

* Create audio with Streaming Audio Studio
* Podcast directory submission checklist
* Basic podcast set up using Audacity

Streaming Video

* Creating & editing a video in Camtasia
* Loading video to YouTube
* Adding videos to Google Video

Customer Support & Tickets

* Respond to Kayako support tickets
* Suggested text for digital download support
* Respond to PerlDesk support tickets

PHPBB Bulletin Boards

* Add avatar to profile
* Edit PHPbb header and footer
* Insert photo in post
* Managing members in phpBB

Teleseminars & Conferences

* Set up teleseminar using FreeConference.com

Easy Internet Survey

* Create new survey
* Check stats of survey

Posting on Freelance Sites

* Post a job on Rentacoder
* Post a job on Guru
* Post a job on Elance


* Searching and editing mySQL Databases

FrontPage Management

* Edit web page live
* Adding Text Areas in FrontPage

Wiki Content Management

* Editing Wiki content

Course Creation

* Setting up a course in Moodle

Selling Products / Websites

* Set up a product on Cafepress
* List a Site for Sale at DigitalPoint
* List a Site for Sale at SitePoint

Internet Based Family Web Builder

* Edit pages
* Password Protect Page
* Add images to web page
* Create a page redirect
* Format page text
* Create a press release section

Blogger Management

* Moderating comments in Blogger
* Make a new post in Blogger
* Adding Adsense to a Blogger blog
* Adding authors to a Blogger blog

WordPress Management

* Moderating comments
* Scheduling Posts
* Installing Akismet to WordPress
* Installing MightyAdsense to WordPress
* How to convert Blogger posts to WordPress
* Adding widgets to WordPress
* Adding a captcha submission form
* Adding authors to a WordPress blog
* Use Redirection Plugin for Wordpress

Mambo Management

* Approving & Editing Content

Cpanel Management

* Forward email addresses
* Set up an autoresponse
* Set up an email account
* Set up a subdomain
* Password protect web page

FTP Management

* Loading files using CuteFTP
* Upload / download files with FireFTP

Affiliate Management

* Finding potential affiliates protocol
* Use Clickbank affiliate link tracking feature

Microsoft Office

* Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word
* Using Styles in MS Word

Open Office

* Table of Contents in Open Office Writer

PDF Files

* Word to Adobe & EasyPDF
* Convert to PDF using Adobe Online

Graphic Editing Programs

* Create a screenshot with PaintShopPro
* Editing a template with GIMP

Business Networking/Bookmarking

* Set up a MySpace Page + Main Features
* Set up a Facebook Page + Main Features
* Set up a Twitter Account + Main Features
* Set up a Digg account + Main Features
* Setting up a Squidoo page + Main Features
* Creating a Yahoo360 page
* Set up & use del.icio.us account
* Creating a page at HubPages
* Use Twitterfeed to post your blog RSS feeds to Twitter
* Setting up a LinkedIn account

Promotion Tasks

* Link-building checklist
* How to submit articles to directories
* Using iSnare for article distribution
* How to write a press release
* Press Release Distribution Checklist
* Detailed instructions on submitting to PRWeb
* Following up with the media
* Order free business card from VistaPrint
* Order custom business card from Vista Print
* Submit Articles Using Unique Article Wizard


* Open a QuickBooks file
* Create an account in Quickbooks
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks

Working with Contractors

* Suggested proofreading protocol
* Suggested transcription protocol
* Suggested ghostwriting protocol
* Suggested research protocol
* What to look for in a Web Designer
* What to look for in a Graphic Designer
* What to look for in a Programmer
* What to look for in a Content Writer
* What to look for in a Copywriter
* What to look for in a Bookkeeper
* What to look for in a Virtual Assistant


* What to include in invoices
* Blog Comment Tracking Spreadsheet (.csv)  
* Potential Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet (.csv)
* Using TimeStamp to track hours


* Check faxes / messages on eFax.com
* Send email broadcasts through GetResponse.com