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Border Collie

"Border Collie"


The Border Collie is really a extremely nicely behaved breed of canine. They're highly excitable, too as intelligent and hard operating. By difficult working, I mean that they enjoy to stick to guidelines for the letter and they are particularly trainable and like to operate. Border Collies have already been employed for year for farming duties including herding sheep as well as retaining geese and ducks off golf courses!

Family/Child Friendly

This particular breed of canine of dog is usually okay with children, provided that they're raised with youngsters. In their excitement and high energy, they may well knock down children when they are playing. These dogs like to horseplay.

Lifespan and Weight

The average life-span of a Border Collie is close to 12 to 13 years. On the other hand, together with the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been identified to reside as much as 20 years and also longer. The typical weight for 1 of those dogs is close to 27 to 45 lbs.

Typical Illnesses

Thankfully, this breed of canine has only some identified wellbeing complications. These well being troubles comprise but are not restricted to hip dysplasia, PRA, epilepsy, deafness plus a flea allergy.

House-training and Shedding

Potty training This breed of dog is usually hard only due to the fact these dogs choose to run about within the outdoors and may discover getting within a house to become too stifiling. As far as shedding is concerned, they're only an common shedder, requiring a brushing only every single other day.

Most beneficial Owner Compatibility

This breed of canine just isn't suited for apartment or condo environments. They will need a yard to play in with an owner with numerous really like and consideration to offer. Greatest suited for a farm or for a location with a enormous yard to play in.

Exactly where to purchase

The most effective places to purchase this breed are from respected breeders, animal shelters, and rescue organizations.

Common Price

Owning this breed of dog does not come too cheaply. According to your geographic place, the value range might be anyplace from $400 and also extra.

Lack of control Issue

This breed of canine isn't generally aggressive unless of course they have been abused or neglected. They are, nonetheless, particularly very dynamic and as such, adore to horseplay. Because of this horseplaying trait, they need to be supervised when playing with children.

Noise Element

Not Documented.

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