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Belgian Sheep Dog

Belgian Sheep Dog


The Belgian Sheep Dog is often a very alert and watchful breed of dog. They're protective, too as playful, not to mention they're very intelligent and exceptionally independent.

Family/Child Friendly

Belgian Sheepdogs are excellent with familiar young children and family members. Often supervise when unfamiliar youngsters are nearby. Horseplay and chase games usually are not proposed with this breed of dog.

Lifespan and Weight

The average lifespan of this breed of dog is around ten to 12 years. Having said that, with all the advancement of veterinary medicine, pets have been acknowledged to live as much as 20 years and even longer. The common weight for this breed of dog is about 40 to 75 lbs.

Prevalent Diseases

Fortuneately, this breed of dog has comparatively couple of illnesses. The diseases and situations which are vulnerable to this breed of dog are only epilepsy and skin allergies.

House-training and Shedding

House-breaking may be completed with extreme patience on aspect of the owner. This breed of dog is an typical shedder, so make sure to brush atleast each other day.

Most beneficial Owner Combatibility

This breed of dog usually are not for the apartment or condo dweller, nor are they for the frequent traveler. Best Owner has plenty of love and focus to give and a significant yard to play in.

Exactly where to purchase

The perfect spots to purchase this breed of dog are from reliable breeders, dog shelters, and rescue organizations.

Regular Expense

Owning this breed of dog will not come cheaply. The common cost for a single of those dogs is around $800. Routine veterinary care need to be included in your price range.

Aggression Aspect

This breed of dog might be aggressive with unfamiliar young children and also other strangers. This breed of dog requirements to be socialized early on for them to obtain in addition to other pets inside the household.

Noise Element

Will warn if strangers method. That being stated, they make seriously excellent guard dogs.


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