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Airedale Terrier Breed Profile

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The Airedale Terrier may be the biggest in the terrier group. Its been employed as a operating dog and for hunting. This breed of dog has a tendency to annoy other animals and to be really stubborn and independent, therefore generating it difficult to train. This breed of dog lacks frequent sense, but tends to make up for it in numerous other techniques.

Family/Child Friendly

Airedale Terriers are indeed very family and kid friendly. They love to run and play and get into mischief. A single would liken it to having a little child each of the time, because the Airedale Terrier in no way desires to develop up. All in all this breed can be a quite loving, faithful companion for both young children and adults alike.

Lifespan and Weight

This breed of dog has a robust lifespan of around 10 to 13 years. Nonetheless, with the advancement of Veterinary Medicine, dogs have been identified to live as much as 20 years or longer. Airedale Terriers weigh about 45 to 70 lbs.

Would Make an excellent Pet?

This breed of dog certainly would make a great pet for someone who features a yard for them to exercise in and lots of adore, and much more than enough patience for this kind of breed of dog.

Common Illnesses

Common conditions for this breed of dog incorporate, but will not be limited to eye illnesses, hip dysplasia, dermatitis, allergies, dietary imbalances, below active thyroid, overactive thyroid, gastric torsion AKA bloat, and cancer.

Shedding and Housebreaking Factor

Airedales usually tend not to shed that a lot. This breed being difficult to train and lacking widespread sense, housebreaking is out with the query.

Best Owner Compatibility

This kind of terrier is just not suited for the apartment atmosphere. This Breed need lots of area to roam and to workout, hence would fare fairly effectively with an individual who has a yard for them to play in. These types of dogs can be clumsy and clowny, so keep breakables away or tightly secured. This really is not the kind of breed that is very good for the frequent traveler.

Where to buy

Constantly get from trustworthy breeders, rescue organizations, or animal shelters. Never ever get an animal from a pet shop!

Average expense

The typical cost for an this breed is around $300 to $1,000 or far more for each and every dog.

Aggression Element

Usually not aggressive, but will enjoy to horseplay and run about. High energy breed of dog, not for the person who loves peace and quiet!

Noise Aspect

Not the type of dog for an apartment or condo living region. Loves to run around, horseplay, and bark. Would do greatest in an atmosphere with alot of space to roam around and exercising.




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