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Afghan Hound Breed Profile

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The looks with the Afghan Hound alone tells its personal story. The extended fur and elongated muzzle just begs for attention. This breed of dog lives up to its looks in a lot more methods than 1. Acting aloof to strangers, clowning around family members and also other familiar men and women. Even so this breed of dog does like its independence, and is identified to possess low obedience intelligence. But using a face like that, how can you not love it?

Household Friendly

This dog loves to become loved. It truly is great with being a family dog, but is wary of tiny young children, preferring instead the company of families with older children.

Lifespan and Weight

Becoming a big dog, the Afghan Hound has a robust lifespan of 12-15 years. Advances in Veterinary Medicine, dogs such as these can reside upwards of 20 years or a lot more. These dogs have an typical weight of about 50 to 60 lbs.

Would Make a terrific Pet?

This pet would make a great pet for the outdoors with an owner using a big yard and plenty of interest to give. This dog would make a great pet for the best individual.

Frequent Illnesses

This lovable pooch is not without its fair share of wellness troubles. Its wellness issues consist of, but will not be limited to juvenile cataracts, feasible hip dysplasia. Afghan Hounds have a tendency to sensitivity to drugs like flea powders and tickicides. Rare instances of progressive paralysis, cryptochidism monorchidism, and attainable heart troubles.

Housebreaking and Shedding Aspect

This sort of breed is very best used as an outside dog. Shedding is very minimal. Housebreaking is out from the query.

Finest Owner Compatibility

This breed of dog is greatest compatible together with the owner who features a large amount of patience, love, and time to offer. This dog wants to become socialized usually, This really is not the type of dog that is appropriate for an apartment or condo scenario, as this breed of dog would need lots of area for physical exercise and play. The very best variety of owner has a lot of space as well as a huge yard for physical exercise and play.

Average Expense

This breed of dog does not come cheaply. Puppies average from $1,200 and more every.

Exactly where to get

The best places to buy an Afghan Hound are from trustworthy breeders and rescue groups or animal shelters.

The Aggression Element

Other than the reality this breed requirements alot of socialization at an extremely early age, you can find no true aggression troubles.

Noise Element

Tends to make great watch dogs and guard dogs. This really is NOT an apartment or condo breed. This breed of dog is best suited for a yard to play in.




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