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Affordable CAGE-LESS DOG Boarder in Salt lake City Utah by Amy Hiatt

Affordable SLC Dog Sitter by Amy 


Celebrating our 9th year in business.

SLC Dog Sitter offers cage-less boarding and day sitting at our home for a stress free experience for your dog.  The gentle choice for a friendly and warm environment.

       Our goal is to make every pet feel at home with personal attention given to each dog.

We have created a entire page dedicated to why using a cageless dog boarding is much more beneficial for your pet, compared to boarding your dog in a kennel facility. 

Please take the time to listen to Amy's comparison between our dog sitting experience and other dog kennels in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Don't Settle for a Dog Kennel or Doggy Prison

We provide daily activities and a warm at home environment to keep your pet feeling relaxed and welcome. 

We believe in cage-free dog boarding, not "doggy prisons". We have a large yard which provides a fun and inviting play area. 

The owner of Dog Sitting, LLC  is Amy Hiatt. 

A Little About Amy's
SLC Dog Sitter Business...

Amy has a lifetime of understanding and experience with animals. She was raised around animals on a farm. Through her years she has been devoted to taking care of, boarding, and loving many different types of animals. 

But her true passion is for dogs. Our dog boarding experience is centrally located in the hard of west valley, just minutes from anywhere in the valley of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Just off of I-215 and 45th South and west a few miles and you will find us. 

If you are traveling out of the airport you will love how easy and simple it is to pick up your pet, not having to deal with driving to the down town area. 

Our dog boarding is not a typical dog kennel, it is the friendly alternative. 

We offer a warm and friendly environment for your dog to relax, while you are on vacation or out of town. 

We also encourage you to see all of our videos of our newest clients. After 9 years of being in business. We are one of the top dog sitters in the state of Utah. 

Likewise we encourage you to see all of SLC Dog Sitters Reviews.

Everyone loves bringing their dog to our at home dog boarding...

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